Folk Art 2x4 Lap Steel Guitar

$150.00 On Sale

The 2x4 Lap Steel is one of my more recent inventions. I originally featured these in an article for these in my Guitar World column, but I later decided to refine the layout from the original crude plans. In the process, I developed a plexiglas fretboard which enabled me to add fantastic pearloid layers underneath.

I sent my first one to Sacred Steel phenom, Nikki D. This is what happened the night she opened the box:

These folk art instruments are made from an actual 2x4, high gain pickups, spray paint and a whole lot of attitude. No volume knob...just a snarling pickup hardwired to the jack. Ready for action.

Just a few remain in the original series. They are listed below in the same order shown above:

White Lightnin' (The Nikki D model) - mini humbucker pickup
Black Ghost Pearl - mini humbucker pickup
Black Pearloid - P90 Soapbar pickup
Red Pearl - P90 Soapbar pickup

Shipping costs:
$16 US $44 Worldwide