"I Am The Wolf" Hand-Painted Ceramic Stubby by Dave Lynas - one of a kind


ONE-OF-A-KIND Guitar Slide Art by master ceramics artist, Dave Lynas featuring a handpainted wolf motif.

Ring size: 6 on bottom opening, 8 1/2 on top opening
Length: 2"

Dave Lynas hand-sculpts every White Lightnin' guitar slide on his potter's wheel...

Comes with a strip of self-adhesive felt so you can line the inside and size the slide perfectly to the top of your finger.

Of course, I'll add extras: An exclusive 1.5" button, my exclusive cigar box guitar tuning guide and a mojo bag to carry the slide.

Shipping: $4.60 US, $11.50 worldwide
Shipped in a protective cardboard tube.