Shane Speal Macanudo Cigar Box Guitar


Each morning, I walk to my woodshed and and start making guitars. Well... one CERTAIN guitar, actually. I shape the necks, trace my Renaissance C-hole pattern and cut it out of the box lid, glue, screw, notch and string up.

I repeat these steps every day because I'm writing a book on how to build cigar box guitars. This guitar for sale has been my model and my test subject. I slowly craft the same guitar, day after day, documenting and photographing each step along the way.

Twenty-one of these Macanudo cigar box guitars are being built during my book writing process. Twenty will be offered for sale. (I'm keeping one for my own performances.) Unlike my original Macanudo, these are loaded with an active preamp with four-band EQ and volume knob. Acoustically, they sound every bit as good as my old standby. Plugged in, they put the old girl to shame. They're just that much better...

I guess I learned a few tricks in the last twenty-one years...

***Guitars will be made-to-order. Please allow 4 days between order and when they get shipped..

Three-string, fretted cigar box guitar.
Acoustic electric with internal piezo rod pickup and onboard preamp.
Macanudo Portofino Cafe cigar box.
Poplar neck with a 23" scale. Woodburned fret markers
Played with a slide.
Signed and dated.

Guitar shipping:
$15 US $29 Worldwide