What the hell?

Truth be told, I use a nasty old 3/4" Craftsman socket most of the time when I'm in concert. I buy 'em by the dozen at flea markets. They do the job when I'm pummeling the cigar box guitar.

But at home, I have an ever-growing collection of exotic guitar slides that I use for composition, jamming, back porch excursions and recording. Each slide has its own voice, it's own character and it's own mojo. Some are found objects. Others are the weirdest things I could find.

This store is for the seekers. The mad ones. Mad to live. Mad to play. Never taking the normal route. Join me in the quest to find new sounds by jamming foreign objects on our fingers and RAKING them across strings.

So that's it. The world needed an online store for visionary cigar box guitarists.
And diddley bow players.
And slide guitarists.
You get the idea.

I got your back.

-Shane Speal