Bone Digger Ceramic Stubby Slide

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I live for a good murder ballad, so when Doc at Rocky Mountain Slides said he developed a ceramic stubby slide that looked like dug up bones, I grabbed my shovel and told him to bake us a bunch.

The Bone Digger is our first handcrafted ceramic stubby slide, fired from three different natural clays (white, red and brown), creating an artistic, graveyard bone finish with a Mississippi tone. It's mildly rough edge brings out deep Delta grind.

The stubby length is perfect to hit 3 or 4 strings (great for cigar box guitar or Muddy-style leads), yet it's short enough for you to bend your fingers for the "in between" notes. See demo video.

Self-stick felt included to line the inside, allowing you to give it an exact fit.
3/4" inside diameter (19mm)
1.4" length (36mm)

EXTRAS: Comes cigar box guitar tuning guide + burlap mojo bag and blues pin! Shipping:
$3.95 US,
$12.00 worldwide