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Autographed copy: In Making Poor Man's Guitars, Shane Speal, the "King of the Cigar Box Guitar," shows you how to build amazing musical instruments from found items!

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Learn how to build cigar box guitars and other musical instruments from found items

Step-by-step instructions and over 300 photos, including the history of cigar box guitars and the golden age of blues and jazz.

Many books have been written about how to build cigar box guitars and other unique hand-made instruments... but few have touched on why. This book presents the authentic stories of American DIY music with step-by-step projects, photo studies of antique instruments, interviews with music legends, and historical accounts.

From a simple two-string tin can guitar to an electrified washtub bass, Shane shows how anyone can build amazing musical instruments from found items.

Sidebars present the fascinating backstory of the music, capturing struggle, poverty, and the blues within the artistic side of cigar box guitar building.

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With the stunning imagery, great stories, and Speal's accompanying YouTube videos, falling in love with cigar box guitars isn't hard to do.

With each story, readers will discover the magic of the DIY music movement.
--Bass Musician Magazine

The bible of cigar box guitar making.
--Michael Copado,

Shane Speal, an avid cigar smoker, guitar player, woodworker, and author, is not only building some of the best cigar box guitars, he's also serving-up a lesson in American history.
--Cigar Advisor Magazine

Anyone interested in folk music and old time music should pick up this book! It's crazy fun!
--Catherine Hankins, Cleveland Public Library, Brooklyn Branch

This delightful book by Blues musician Shane Speal not only contains detailed instructions for how to make your own cigar box guitar, but wonderful stories about the Blues musicians that Speal has played with during his career and their handmade instruments. Speal carefully explains the why and how these instruments work, in spite of being made of inexpensive, common materials. Want to make an electric instrument? Speal also includes a section on electric guitars. The book has many crisp, clear photographs to guide interested crafters. A must-buy for public libraries that host MakerSpaces.
--Deb Jung, Librarian, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools