EXCLUSIVE: The Gunslinger - Actual rifle barrel guitar slide


The guitar slide that will leave ol' Billy Lyons face-down on the floor! The Gunslinger is the perfect slide for murder ballads!

Each Gunslinger Slide is hand-machined riffle barrel guitar slide by York County, PA gunsmith, Marc Shearer.

I got my first Gunslinger Rifle Barrel slide from Shearer during a break at one of my shows. "One of your fans told me you'd love this," he said as he handed me the slide. I went absolutely BERSERK! It was beautifully smooth and had a fantastic mass that made notes ring for days. I played that slide for the last two hours of the show.

These slides are 2" long... perfect for both conventional guitar and cigar box guitar. As they are made from rifle barrels, care should be taken to wipe them down to prevent rust.

Shipping: US - $4 WORLDWIDE - $9.50