Flash Sale - EXTRA HIGH GAIN Smokey Amp!!!


The tiny cigarette pack guitar amp that can power a 4x12 cabinet...in a special EXTRA HIGH GAIN version! These amps are not usually sold to the US market, but by special arrangement, I got 18 of these, and they're all classic Marlboro Red!

These are the legendary amps created by Bruce Zinky, former Fender Custom Shop amp designer and head of Zinky amps. Each Smokey puts out a fierce 1 watt of power. No knobs on a Smokey amp... Your guitar's volume knob actually controls the level and distortion.

Using the EXT Speaker jack, you can disconnect the speaker on the Smokey and actually power an external amp.

Powered by a 9v battery. (Included) Choose your favorite cigarette pack (quantities limited).

All orders over $100 get a free Road Worthy Guitar Slide Case

US - $6
Worldwide - $12