RARITIES GIFT SET - Voodoo Bone, Mojobone, More

Image of RARITIES GIFT SET - Voodoo Bone, Mojobone, More

Five very collectible guitar slides packaged in a gig-worthy carrying case.

1. Voodoo Bone Glass "Voodoo Power" Zombie Girl slide. Voodoo Bone slides were made by the late Pat Johnson. This was a very rare custom glass slide.

2. Natural cream finish ceramic slide, hand spun by Dave Lynas

3. Snake Oil prototype handmade by Ron Hall of New Orleans. This slide eventually would become the TESTIFY slide.

4. Mojobone wood and bone stubby slide by Randy Bretz.

5. Hindustani Raga steel guitar bar by John Pearse.

6. Two Shane Speal guitar picks (this style has been discontinued)

7. Carrying case.

8. Cigar box guitar tuning guide

Shipping: $9 US (small flat rate USPS postage)
Worldwide: $19 (First Class International Postage via USPS)