"Future Legend" Amp by Shane Speal: 5 watt, dual speaker (with three way projection)


A mixed media, “living sculpture” artwork by Shane Speal that invites the imagination to inject modern technology into the Delta Blues past. This cigar box speaker enclosure and amp features: - new 5 watt Nano Legacy Purple Wave head (Marshall Plexi voiced) by Hotone. Faceplate altered to match the cabinet. - Dual 3”, 8ohm speakers on the sides with front Stradivarius sound holes to project the internal resonance forward. - 100 year old Virginia Cheroots cigar box. - Baking mold speaker cones. - Candlestick feet.

Amp head includes:
- FX loop
- Aux in
- Headphone jack
- Can be used to drive other 4-8 ohm cabinets.
Signed and dated by Shane Speal

US shipping: $14
Worldwide shipping: $29