Individual Medium "Stopped Wood" Pipe Organ Pipes - Sizes 18-30 inches


Calling all inventors! I'm offering historic stopped wood flue pipes from the Messiah Reformed Church (Phila. PA) pipe organ, built by Möller Pipe Organ Co. in 1930. The pipe organ was in use from 1930-1960. At an average of three hymns per week, these pipes have sung 10,000 hymns over the decades.

Beautiful medium-size wooden pipes, each marked with the key. They include the stoppers at the top which enable you to tune them! Possible projects could be insane instruments, shelves, furniture or lighting (I recommend low heat LED lights).

Sold individually. Check the drop-down menu for keys and lengths.

I cleaned each one with Murphy's Oil Soap and lemon oil. Additional deep cleaning may be needed.

Each pipe was individually handcrafted just to sing one solitary note. Think about that...

US: $13 each pipe
Worldwide: $29 each pipe