LO-FI Beer Can Microphone - Fox Deluxe, Cold Springs MN


Shane Speal's Rust-O-Phonic Microphones - nasty, gritty and lo-fi mics that sound like an old short wave radio. Handmade by me in York, PA (USA) with antique steel beer cans housings. Perfect for vocals. Friggin' fantastic for harmonica.

My microphones are a primitive setup using an internal metal membrane and wired to a lo-fi, special contact piezo system. Each mic is housed within all-steel antique beer cans. Every Rust-O-Phonic mic has a distinct personality in sound.

Output: 1/4" guitar jack. Can be plugged direct to guitar amp or DI into PA system.

Recommendations: For vocals, add a touch of slapback echo for a perfect AM radio sound. Sing close to the windscreen. Harmonica: plug into a small tube amp for hellfire Chicago blues sound.

Using an external preamp, as shown in my Making Poor Man's Guitars book is also a great addition to this mic, enabling various tones and boosting sound levels.

US - $3
Worldwide - $10