New Orleans Preacher Slide + Signed Amzie Adams Print


LIMITED EDITION PACKAGE! These Preacher slides were handmade by master jeweler, Ron Hall specifically for the New Orleans Cigar Box Guitar Festival. We have the last few that remained after the fest. Each slide is stamped with CBG NOLA (which stand for Cigar Box Guitar, New Orleans).

These are fully adjustable brass slides.

FULL SIZE: 2" long with internal diameter of 20mm, but can be expanded or squeezed.

SPECIAL STUBBY SIZE: Note: Unlike the standard Preacher slides, we also have a small version, too. The small version is 1.5" long and fully adjustible. They're shipped with a diameter of 17mm, but can be expanded or squeezed for smaller fingers.

LIMITED EDITION PRINT INCLUDED: We're also including a 12x18 print from the New Orleans Cigar Box Guitar Festival, signed by the artist. The print is a full color reproduction of an oil painting of Shane Speal & his Jack Daniels guitar by famed New Orleans artist, Amzie Adams.

The slide and print are shipped in a cardboard mailing tube. All orders over $100 get a free Road Worthy Guitar Slide Case

Limited supply.
$8 US
$16 Worldwide