MOJOBONE handmade bone & wood slides


Shown left to right: Black Palm, Mesquite Burl, Tri-color Alumilite/Wedge/Box Elder

CLICK ALL PHOTOS TO SEE SELECTION. Bone slides are the old Delta Blues standard for dry, mournful and distinct tones. It's less of a sliding sound and more of a hollering noter that makes the string ring. And wood is earthy. Quiet. Subtle. Perfect for classical guitars. Unlike any other slide in your collection.

Randy Bretz of Mojobone Works creates these in his Pennsylvania shop. He's legendary in the cigar box guitar circles. Rarely seen...often found posting photos of outlandishly carved bone artwork on Facebook at

These guitar slides are pure art.
Currently limited to these unique pieces. SLIDE SIZE: Approx. 9-10 size. They're shipped with self-stick moleskin to help size perfectly to your finger.

Shipping: $5 US, $13 Worldwide