Mojobone Multi-Lengeth Ambro Burl & Bone


Each hand crafted Mojobone guitar slide mixes the traditional bone with the unexpected wood... creating a piece of art that graces your finger and sculpts your tone.

Mojobones are back at Stubby Slide. Each one is carefully handmade by Randy Bretz of Harrisburg PA. The tone of bone is distinct, like a moveable nut on your guitar neck, making precise all the way up the neck. The wood side is the perfect material for nylon string instruments.

Unique double-length. Gorgeous brown swirled Ambro Burl
Length: 1.5" on wood side, 1.75 on bone side
Inner diameter: .85"

These Mojobones have been crafted by Bretz specifically for Stubby Slide.

$4 US
$9.50 Worldwide