$10.95 - $16.95

Snake Oil Tonic Bottle Slides

Image of Snake Oil Tonic Bottle Slides
As seen at the Delta Blues Museum Gift Shop in Clarksdale, Mississippi!

Classic "Duane-style" Coricidian bottle slides with removable snake oil labels and cork. The small "Clark Stanley" bottle is the same size as Duane's corididian bottle. The larger is fantastic for covering an entire 6-string fretboard and hitting the high notes!

BUY ONE FOR $10.95 OR THE PAIR FOR $16.95.

Standard Size Bottle (aka "Clark Stanley Snake Oil"):
Finger Opening: 0.8" (20.4mm)
Length: 2.2" (60mm)

Long Size Bottle (aka "Dr. Guertin's Nerve Syrup"):
Finger Opening: 0.8" (20mm)
Length: 3.2" (80mm)

Shipping: $3.95 US, $12 Worldwide