Guitar Slide Pro Pack & Case


A $59 value. Five different slides, including the special Copper Hybrid slide, unavailable elsewhere here.

This collection features three elements: Copper, Glass and Steel in a combination of stubby to full size lengths. The slides are shipped in a free Road Worthy Slide Case. The case is fully padded and perfect for gigs and travel.

* Copper Hybrid slide - Full length with a PVC interior. Gorgeously finished. This is unlike any copper pipe slides out there. Each one is hand finished and features the PVC interior, making it extremely comfortable and with improved sustain. This is the best copper slide Shane has ever found.
* Snake Oil medicine bottle (the same size as Duane Allman's Corricidan Bottle)
* Gumbo Stubby spoon slide - Fully adjustable
* Shane Speal King Stubby slide.
* Ultimate Bottle Stubby Slide

Also includes Shane Speal autographed postcard with tuning guide.

US - $9.90
Worldwide - $24