"Rambler" - Acoustic Cigar Box Guitar by Shane Speal

$150.00 On Sale

Handmade by Shane Speal from a 90 year old box and salvaged mahogany from an old front porch. 100% acoustic with a tone straight out of the Depression Era.

Short, 19" scale was used out of necessity of working with salvaged lumber. The end result is a fantastic sized guitar tuned to a higher Open A.

All patina on this cigar box was sealed in using polyurethane.

* 3-string, tuned Open A
* Signed and dated on back
* Played with a slide (not included)
* 19" scale
* Primitive hand-carved sound holes
* Fretless, with 3/5/7/9/12 positions marked with brass tacks
* Comes with tuning guide
* Extras include Shane Speal guitar picks & sticker

$18 US