Cobalt Blue - The Ultimate Bottleneck Stubby Slide


DEMO: The Cobalt Blue used on Shane's very first cigar box guitar:

In my drive to push the art further, I am proud to introduce the ultimate traditional bottleneck slide for cigar box guitar. You're going to love these!

I was continually disappointed by shorter bottleneck slides.  Either they were too crude or they just didn't have the feel that I needed.  I bought the diamond saws and created special grinding setup specifically to make the best cigar box guitar bottleneck glass slide.

Introducing the Ultimate Cigar Box Guitar Bottleneck Slide, .  Each slide is created from an actual wine bottle, cut on a diamond saw, leaving 1 3/8" of perfect playing space above the collar.  I then carefully finish each slide end, advancing to a nice polish.  

Perfectly balanced and small enough to fit on the top half of your playing finger.   Unlike other bottleneck slides, mine retain the bottleneck collar for increased mass and sustain.

TOTAL LENGTH: 1 7/8" long
PLAYABLE LENGTH: 1 3/8" (Playing length was based on the Shane Speal King Slide.)

Collar end: ring size 8-9
Open end: ring size 10-11
Each slide comes with self stick felt for perfect sizing.

$4 US
$11.50 Worldwide