LTD EDITION - "Shane Speal Urban Camo" Rocky Mtn. Slide

Image of LTD EDITION - "Shane Speal Urban Camo" Rocky Mtn. Slide
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The newest ceramic stubby slide handmade by the legendary Rocky Mountain Slide Company, made completely to Shane Speal's specs. Only 10 available in this series.

The color is "Urban Camo," a darker, more sinister version of the Shane Speal signature slide.

.75" diameter (19 mm)
1 3/4" length (47 mm)

Self-stick felt included to line the inside, allowing you to give it an exact fit.

"I got your slides a week or two ago and have been playing with them ever since. What great tone! Your slides are much lighter than the metal I'm used to and the vibrato is much easier. I've played about 5 shows with it."

Note: Although the photos show many slides (and their hand color variations), this listing is for a single slide.

EXTRAS: Comes cigar box guitar tuning guide + burlap mojo bag and collectible pin! Shipping:
$3.95 US,
$18.00 worldwide