Rust-o-Phonic Microphone (real beer can!) AM radio tones

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Nasty, lo-fi AM radio tones only! These mics are perfect for vocals and fantastic for harmonica. Handmade in York, PA (USA) by Shane Speal. Each comes with a beautiful wood cigar box as the case.

Our microphones are a primitive setup using an internal metal membrane and wired to a lo-fi, special contact piezo system. Each mic is housed within all-steel antique beer cans. Every Rust-O-Phonic mic has a distinct personality in sound.

Output: 1/4" guitar jack. Can be plugged direct to guitar amp or DI into PA system.

Recommendations: For vocals, add a touch of slapback echo for a perfect AM radio sound. Sing close to the windscreen. Harmonica: plug into a small tube amp for hellfire Chicago blues sound.

>>>Comes with a free copy of Poor Man's Guide magazine

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US - $8 ($1 for additional mics)
Worldwide - $19