"Future Legend" Screamin' 4-String Cigar Box Guitar


What if they had nasty, screaming 'lectric guitars during the Depression Era? This was my inspiration for this 4-string.

Handmade by Shane Speal from an 80 year old box. Depression Era 4-string style with a mini humbucking jazz PICKUP!

Four string, High Open D (Elmore James) tuning - D, F#, A, D (low to high)

* Made with 80-100 year old wooden cigar boxes (fully braced)
* Salvaged barn wood neck
* Mississippi River fretboard by Louie LaManna
* Brass nail fret markers at 3, 5, 7, 9, 12 frets
* Chrome handle bridge cover
* Jazz humbucker pickup hardwired to jack

$18 US