Shane's Secret "Dobro Cones" - Rare Antique Tins

Image of Shane's Secret "Dobro Cones" - Rare Antique Tins

This is my personal stash of top-secret "dobro cones" taken from my shed. I first discovered these antique 5" shallow baking pans from the 1950's in a thrift store. I've since collected every single one I could find. Antique stores. Online. Wherever.

My obsessive nature toward these wonderful things must be curtailed as I clean my shop. I'm blowing these out.

How I use them: I cut a 5" diameter hole in the cigar box guitar, right where the bridge would go. I then place the pan in the hole (the lip fits perfectly around the edge) and then drill 6 or 8 small holes on the lip, affixing the pan to the cigar box with tiny screws used for guitar tuners. A higher bridge is necessary to compensate for the 1/2" depth of the pan. (I usually make my own bridges.) See photos and video above.

>>>I'm not offering special lessons on these. If you're up for a cool sound and want the challenge of building with my secret mini pie pan "dobro cones," buy one or all of 'em.

Shipping $3 US, $10 worldwide.