Shovel Handle Art Cigar Box Guitar Dobro by Jeffery Quintavalle

$139.00 On Sale

FROM THE SHANE SPEAL CIGAR BOX GUITAR MUSEUM COLLECTION - This experimental cigar box guitar was hand crafted by Jeffrey Quintavalle and features a shovel handle neck, a hand pounded resonator cone, screened F-holes, old spoon tailpiece and so much more.

It is definitely an art piece.

Note: The instrument utilizes banjo friction tuners. The first tuner is broken and will need to be replaced. Once repaired, this guitar plays fantastic with A,D,G strings tuned to Open G (GDG). It is fretless and played with a slide.

Shane Speal recently updated the Cigar Box Guitar Museum at Speal's Tavern and is offering some instruments from past collections for sale. This guitar has been on display in the museum for the last year.

Fully playable. It will probably need a fresh set of strings.

$21 US
$65 Worldwide