Snake Oil Tonic Bottle Slides - As seen at the Delta Blues Museum


THESE SLIDES ARE NOW SOLD AT THE DELTA BLUES MUSEUM in Clarksdale, MS! (But you can buy them here, too.)

We all know that Duane played a Coricidan bottle, but who is crazy enough to play a Snake Oil Bottle?

I discovered these corked medicine bottles from an actual apothecary supply company. After testing them out on several guitars, I just had to add them to the lineup.

Choose from two lengths:
* Standard "Clark Stanley" - 1.75" of playing length
* Extreme Length "Dr. Guertin" - 2.75" of playing length

Each guitar slide comes with a historic Patent Medicine label printed on parchment. I've never seen a cooler looking bottle slide. (By the way, the label slips right out for guitar playing.)

$10 each ... or get both for only $15.

$4 US
$9.50 Worldwide