"Day of the Dead Sonic Altar" - Mixed Media Guitar Amplifier


Only the most twisted and deranged person would play this guitar amp. This has to be the wildest guitar amp I've ever built. It features keys from an old toy piano, sawblade, reproduction skull, actual Mexican milagros (prayer pendants), a 100 year old cigar box and two pipes from a 1930's pipe organ. Acrylic and wood putty on wood with copper wire features. A mixed media, “living sculpture” artwork by Shane Speal that invites the imagination to inject modern technology into the Delta Blues past.

This cigar box speaker enclosure and amp features:
- High Gain 1 watt Smokey Amp serving as the amp head included. (Not pictured.).
- Single 1 watt, 8ohm speaker hidden inside the skull.
- 100 year old cigar box.

This amp is sold as a piece of functioning art.

Signed and dated by Shane Speal

US shipping: $14
Worldwide shipping: $29