Voodoo Bone precision stubby slide - Brass


THESE ARE THE LAST REMAINING VOODOO BONE STUBBY SLIDES created by Pat Johnson and his wife, Vicki. I was contacted by Vicki in early January and found out Pat passed away after a long illness.

About the Voodoo Bone Stubby Slide:

Precision slide playing with the mass and sustain of brass. These are handmade by the late Pat Johnson of the legendary Voodoo Bone Slide Company at the request of Shane Speal.

The repurposed metal thumbpick serves as the perfect clip to resize the slide to your finger. Fits small thru the largest fingers.

Like the other handmade offerings at Stubby Slide, these are more than guitar slides; they're small pieces of art. Hand stamped by Voodoo Bone on the reverse.

At a 1.5" length, these are the perfect stubby slide length for cigar box guitar playing. These also have more sustain than the Gumbo Stubby spoon slides.

If you have small fingers, your prayers have been answered. All orders over $100 get a free Road Worthy Guitar Slide Case

Shipping: $3.85 US, $11.50 worldwide