"Well, I Play a Little Harmonica..." Real, playing tiny blues harp. See the video!!!


I've wanted a tiny harmonica for decades. If memory serves correct, Mr. Rogers took a walk in his neighborhood and visited Joe Negri's music store. Once inside, another musician played a tiny harmonica on camera.

THAT'S the day I first wanted one. I was probably 5.

I finally found the superior Hohner version of the mini harp. It's in the key of C with four single holes and a whopping 1 3/8 inches long. Yeah, it was worth the wait.

If you want to hear how one of these sounds, check out the girl in the orange shirt.

$3 US
$8 Worldwide.

Speaking of Mr. Rogers, did I ever tell you that as a child, I was next-door neighbor to Bob Dog? That's another story...