SKINNY FINGERS! White Lightnin' Artisan Ceramic Stubby

$19.95 Coming Soon

Dave Lynas hand-sculpts every White Lightnin' guitar slide on his potter's wheel...

Each slide is turned individually and then glazed to allow the natural clay colors to show. He then finishes them in a beautiful crackle clear coat in the kiln, giving each one a true artisan look.

These are more than guitar slides. They're small pieces of art.

At a 1.5" length, these are the perfect stubby slide length for cigar box guitar playing. They fit smaller than the Bone Digger ceramic slides and feature a tapered interior, roughly 3/4" diameter on one side and 5/8" on the other. (Ring sizes 6 and 4.25)

If you have small fingers, your prayers have been answered.

Each slide comes with a strip of self-adhesive felt so you can line the inside and size the slide perfectly to the top of your finger.

Of course, I'll add extras: An exclusive 1.5" button, my exclusive cigar box guitar tuning guide and a mojo bag to carry the slide.

Shipping: $4.60 US, $11.50 worldwide
Shipped in a protective cardboard tube.